5 Steps to Buying Hot Stock IPOs


Did you know that Google’s IPO was for $85 and that share prices rose 18% on the very first day? Check the price of Google today at well over $450 dollars imagine if you could have bought the stock at the IPO price of $85.

Well…it’s pretty easy actually. While working for a large brokerage firm we had an entire team dedicated to selling IPOs and other new issues… we even gave them a cool sounding name. The NISS team. They would call clients whenever we had some hot IPO’s coming to the market.

Not everyone knows this but you can get in on the ground floor of these IPOs just like big investors and institutions.

In this video I show you “The 5 Steps to Buying HOT IPOs” so you can get in on this lucrative market and “flip some IPO stocks” quickly.

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Ruggero de Zamagna - September 17, 2010

Hi Dave, I am the Austrian following your advices in trading. I did start with your Trading Master Plan and found that in this world of sharks you provided me with a down to earth first step setup strategy. In the same time I learned a lot about the basics of trading. Now I bought also your new offer, Tailwind trading and I am eager to see what results it will bring up. I will keep you posted on my next steps and results. I wish you profitability and a good time with your family. Ruggero

Thank you Ruggero, I’m happy you enjoyed the book. Yes please keep in touch.

Rince - September 23, 2010

Hi Dave,

I bought your Trading Master Plan a few years ago. I am glad to hear and now to see you in a video. How are getting on? The video on IPO is great but the handwriting on the white board needs some work,he, he, never the less it is a great video, I enjoy it.


HARIDASAN - March 3, 2012

Dear Dave,
I have bought your My Trading Plan a month ago. I am still reading through the same. I will revert to you once I am ready for trading. Thank you for opening my eyes to the proper methods of trading.

With regards
Muscat, Oman

Jeff - July 23, 2012

Hi Dave,
Thanks for IPO buy info. Have enjoyed Master Trading Plan and have trades implemented based on it. Looking to improve my trading with your teaching.

Take Care,
Reno NV

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