Dave Gagne is a self directed trader who began his trading journey and education in the summer of 2002 after attending a stock training seminar.

In 2004 he joined TD Waterhouse as a investment representative, the largest discount brokerage firm in Canada, and has completed various industry-recognized courses, such as the Canadian Securities Course, The Conduct & Practices Handbook (ethics), Derivatives Fundamentals Course and the Options Licensing Course.

His experience and success in trading has come from endless hours of research and independent study, numerous cases of trial and error and the diligent application of the trading style used throughout this book Trading Master Plan (Released 2005).

Since his start in 2002 he had studied the markets and professional traders aggressively, putting in thousands of hours of research and study until he came to the following conclusion – there is no holy grail of trading. he figured out that if he could equip himself with the proper tools, knowledge and plan, he could actually become a savvy market player. No magic software or financial guru was needed; in order to be successful in the markets it was up to him to learn the skills to play the game.In the end, he found what he believes are the keys to successful trading: money management, understanding supply and demand and mastering one’s own mind or psyche. That’s it. All the other stuff is good to know but without these three ingredients, a trader is doomed to fail.

Now armed with these key tools, he has developed a trading style that has proven to be profitable by eliminating the emotion from trading and adapting to market conditions which is critical for long-term success.