How To Use Swingtracker Software To Find Pullback Setups

Here’s a breakdown of what’s covered in Module 3 of SmartSCAN Formula.

Introduction to Swingtracker – 7:04
Setting up the charts – 10:06
Annotate the Charts – 5:39
Using Indicators – 7:26
Building Watchlists – 5:48
Basic Scan Engine – 3:51
Pre-Built Scans – 15:45
Nightly Scan 1 – 12:42
Nightly Scan 2 – 16:54
Nightly Scan 3 – 16:16
Market Cycle Review – 5:19
*Watchlist Update* – 9:05 (Total running time 108 minutes)

Click here to watch Module 3

Module 1: How to Use Free Scanning Tools
Module 2: Extra Membership

Enjoy the videos and let me know what you think.


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Greg - April 6, 2010

Thx Dave, another great module. I assume Trading Master Plan covers the strategies in more detail.

Dave - April 6, 2010

Hi Greg – yep! Trading Master Plan covers all the strategies mentioned in the Smartscan videos.

I suppose if I was SMART I would actually provide a link to the site so everyone could take a look:


jake sadlak - April 28, 2010

The only problem that I had with Swingtracker was there customer support. After several calls that weren’t returned I finally got in touch with there expert. I didn’t think he was that much of an expert. For the price they charge the customer service should be a lot better. Do you know if this has changed in 2010? Any comments?

Hi Jake, I have had a similar issues getting a response regarding some custom scans. Things may have changed, I haven’t tried emailing them in a while.

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